At Coleman Sprinklers we specialize in irrigation systems. From startups to winterizations, including design and installation of a new system, to the evaluation and repair of an existing system, we have the knowledge, personnel, and equipment to do the job.

The automatic sprinkler and irrigation systems from Coleman Sprinklers standout from the competition and assure you of an exceptional watering system for your home or business. You deserve the best system for your investment dollar which is why we install the highest quality product with the best warranty available and we will not cut corners to beat someone else's price.

Your landscape design should be personalized to your preferences and installed by a professional to provide lasting beauty and added value to your property. We have great confidence in recommending Vern's Landscaping, Inc.
 to provide these services for you. When working with our existing customers, Vern's has proven to be very creative with their landscape design, incorporating the client's idea, and working within their budgets.


1. Only professional quality Rain Bird sprinkler components are used.

2. We install "poly pipe" for all of our lines, which is more costly but is flexible at all temperatures, which allows it to be highly damage resistant, and comes with a 30-year guarantee to not break, even if frozen when full of water.

3. A "backflow prevention" device that meets State plumbing codes is included on all of our systems.

4. All sprays and rotors are mounted off to the side of the sprinkler lines using "swing" pipe so that the sprinkler head has more flexibility and is less likely to be broken if it is driven over.

5. All of our valves are installed on service friendly "manifold" systems.

6. Each system installation is warranted for one full year in addition to the parts "warranty" by the manufacturer. All Rain Bird components have a 3 to 5-year "warranty” depending on the part or accessory used.

7. We carry $1,000,000 of "liability insurance" for all jobs and comply with all workman's compensation and contractor registration requirements by State and Federal governments.




We provide irrigation designs and solutions for new or existing lawns, pastures, sports fields, golf courses, flower beds, gardens, and trees, including pump and filter installation.

We install the filter, backflow preventer, controller, valves, wires, mainline, and lateral lines for your sprinkler system.  We supply you with a design for the system and all of the necessary parts to complete the installation as well as a demonstration on how to install heads and fittings.

You always have the option of adding to or modifying your existing sprinkler system. We can add another portion of your yard, or supply water to flower beds surrounding your deck or house or even to the garage, barn, etc.  We move heads, valves, controllers, add zones, modify zones from grass to hardscaping (drip), extend tree zones or add garden areas.


Go Green! Install a Smart Controller and save 30% or more on your water bill. The Smart Controller will regulate the run time for each zone depending on rainfall, temperature, soil type, and sun exposure;  a Fertigation unit applies fertilizer with every application of water;  a Rain Sensor will shut down your system if we receive a specific amount of moisture.



Our experienced service staff are able to handle repairs on Rain Bird, Hunter, Nelson, Signature, K-Rain, Toro, Weathermatic, Hardie, Irritrol, Orbit, Wilkins, Watts, Gould’s, Rusco, Lakos sprinkler systems and products.
It's a good idea to schedule a spring startup. Our technicians will turn on your water supply, program the controller, check each valve and sprinkler head, clean filters and check the drip systems to be sure everything is running properly and you are ready for the summer watering season.


We use a state of the art Ditch Witch vibratory plow to install our pipe and wire.  This machine provides minimal disturbance to your property while installing your system.


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FREE ESTIMATES for new installations or remodeling of  existing sprinkler systems, smart controllers and fertilization units


Be sure to contact us in early fall to schedule a winterization for your sprinkler system to protect against potential damage from freezing.

Lawn with a Coleman Sprinkler system
Not a Coleman Sprinkler installed system

The sprinkler systems in the photos had been installed the same day. The Coleman Sprinkler system on the left and the competition's system on the right. These follow-up photos were taken at the same time/day of week/month. Which lawn would you prefer?
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